Vision PU

Garden, Landscape, Terrace
About This Project


Vision-PU artificial grass is the only type of artificial grass that consists entirely of shades of green. Great for creating the perfect lawn. If you want the perfect lawn, Vision ‘PU’ is your product. Only shades of green in this turf that give it the perfect ‘English’ lawn look.

The backing is made of ‘PU’. This is a new development in the field of artificial grass for the garden. A ‘PU’ backing is much more environmentally friendly in its production. The adhesion of the fibers to the mat is also many times stronger than with a latex backing. This makes it possible to characterize the artificial grass as a product that can be used for intensive use. For a product with a ‘PU’ backing, the artificial grass as a whole does not absorb moisture. A latex backing does. In case pets play in the garden and pee here and there, this product is highly recommended. Moisture is not retained, as are the associated odors. The firm adhesion of ‘PU’ is also something that supports the animal-friendly character of the product.

Good to know

Ideal for: Balcony and garden
Yarn height: 30 mm
Yarn shape:  straight
Number of

grass shades : 3
Infill sand advice: 7 kg per m2

Water – permeable