Green minded

EasyLawn inspired by nature

EasyLawn makes strong, affordable, but above all beautiful artificial grass for every garden, play and sports field, leaving you much more time for the fun things in and around the garden.

About EasyLawn


EasyLawn is run by a team of skilled, enthusiastic and skilled people who have extensive experience in the garden, play, sports and green industry. The office address, storage and distribution is done from the distribution center in Beverwijk. Apart from artificial grass for the garden, or as a sporting application, we supply artificial grass systems as a safe playground for playgrounds, recreation parks and public areas.


Also for all peripheral materials such as; You can contact us for shock pads – glue – adhesive tape – infill sand – mounting pins – geovlies – bubble cloth – drainage plates – mounting pins and golf putting cups / flags.


Despite delivering worldwide, Europe is EasyLawn’s primary working area.
For the purchase and professional installation of EasyLawn artificial grass, one can go to companies trained by us.


EasyLawn specializes in making artificial grass for the benefit of gardens, public green areas and playing fields. In collaboration with various partners, we are constantly working to improve the products for the benefit of the environment and the user.


We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy a beautiful lawn without taking a lot of time to maintain it. That is why we have artificial grass in our range that not only looks and feels surprisingly natural, but is also  sustainable.